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About SaskMade

Welcome to SaskMade Marketplace! We are a Saskatchewan company, partnered with local farmers, processors and artisans to provide a wide range of unique, locally-produced food and non-food products to enrich your menu, your home and your wellbeing.

We have a vision for our Saskatchewan-owned company that includes a thriving, local-food business. Our vision also includes a greater level of understanding between consumers and producers about agriculture and sustainable production.

We care about where your food comes from and we want to take you on a journey of discovery from farm to fork that offers useful information about food production and high-quality, made-in-Saskatchewan products.

Why Buy Local?

Local Economy - When buying local, a good portion of the money spent remains within Saskatchewan, supporting other local businesses. Everything from accounting to maintenance.

Added Character - Local businesses add a unique twist to our province, attracting more visitors to everyone's benefit.

Traceability - Buying local gives you the assurance that the items you have purchased were produced by reliable, responsible Saskatchewan farmers and artists known to the owner and staff.

Sustainability - Buying local gives you the knowledge that good farming practices were used; everyone is focused on a reduced carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly. Passion & Knowledge - Local business owners are passionate about what they do, as are their staff. Knowledge and education are a large par of their everyday customer service experience. Quality - Each local product you buy is from a respected farmer, tested by staff, with the further knowledge that these products have clean labels and are made in small, artisan batches.
Jobs & Wages - Local businesses typically hire locally, creating more jobs within their community. Tax Dollars Stay in SK. - Local business' tax dollars are reinvested back into the communities they serve.


Sabex Awards

The Sabex Awards' mandate is to deliver with integrity, a high-quality, enjoyable and celebratory series of business events, wherein true business excellence is recognized, promoted and celebrated, and networking potential encouraged and enhanced.

SaskMade was a proud customer service finalist in both the 2016 & 2017 seasons, as well as a SASKATOONING finalist in the 2018 & 2019 season!

        Sabex 2019 Finalist

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