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Chuck Gallagher has been operating his t-shirt business for over ten years in Saskatoon. It has gone through a couple of metamorphoses over the years, recently being changed to the most recent concept. In 2014 he had to raise some money to help pay for the cancer treatments for his dog Turk. When raising money he promised that a portion would also go to the Saskatoon SPCA, where Turk was adopted from, as they always need our help. The fundraiser was a huge success and he was able to sponsor a dog kennel for a whole year. Giving felt good, the community experience was amazing, and the Saskatoon SPCA benefited greatly from the donation to help give other dogs the same chance Turk had in finding a forever home.


So Chuck decided that moving forward, for every t-shirt he sold he would also donate $7 from each sale to a particular community organization or charity. Eventually each shirt will have an individual charity associated with it. As he builds up the network of recipients of the donations, most of the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts at the SaskMade Marketplace will go to The Lighthouse Supported Living. In fact, just two months ago he donated his first amount of $500 to The Lighthouse. Recently Read Saskatoon has been added as a recipient of donations from the sale of the Saskatchewan Easy to Draw t-shirt and they are super excited to be a part of the Bold Clothes community. Bold Clothes has promised to also document all the interactions with the community organizations and charities. You will see lots of pictures, videos, blog posts as Bold Clothes shares with the world where all the donations go and how effective giving is. By buying Bold Clothes not only are you going to be wearing great t-shirts, but you are directly supporting your community. By wearing Bold Clothes you are TELLING everyone you are supporting your community. Be Bold and support the community we live in.

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