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Dust-Ship Glory - by Elaine M. Will (Cuckoo's Nest Press)


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In the depression era of the 1930s Saskatchewan, Finnish immigrant Tom Sukanen battles dust storms, drought, and all common sense to fulfill a dream of building a steamship, the "Sontiainen," to navigate Canada's thousands of miles of waterways to make it to the Atlantic and back to his spiritual home of Finland. 

Amid the scarcity of resources and the alienation of his town folk, can he hope to suceed? 

Based on the true story of Tom Sukanen and adapted from Andreas Schroeder's novel of the same name. 

A graphic novel by Elaine M. Will

Cuckoo's Nest Press

Cuckoo's Nest Press is the home of Xeric Award-winning, Saskatchewan Book Award-nominated Graphic Novelist and Artist, Elaine M. Will (Look Straight Ahead) and Writer, Mark Allard-Will (Saskatch-a-Man, AxeMan); alongside guest collaborations that are announced periodically.


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