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Bread to Share Volume 1: Stories about Saskatchewan's early Lutheran pastors and their wives - by Lois Knudson Munholland

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A sequel and companion volume to Pulpits of the Past, Bread to Share is a compilation of stories of Saskatchewan’s early Lutheran pastors and their wives. What sets this book apart is the prominence of the pastors’ wives and their families who are often relegated to secondary roles or neglected entirely in many church histories. The pastors are listed alphabetically by surname. After relating the experiences of the ministers, Knudson Munholland devotes space to their wives, lists the names of their family members, and provides references. Sources include interviews as well as history books. One of the strengths of Bread to Share is Knudson Munholland’s descriptions of the hardships pastors and their wives had to endure. During the Dirty Thirties, spouse Christine Stollee would routinely place dishes upside down when setting the table so they would not be coated with dust before they were used. The stories in this 351-page book are supplemented by more than ninety black-and-white photos of pastors and spouses. In Bread to Share, Knudson Munholland not only pays tribute to Saskatchewan’s Lutheran pastors, she also gives wives of pastors the prominence they so fully deserve.