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Boreal Heartland Tea - Caffeine Free Tea Leaves (30g)


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About Us
Boreal Heartland Herbal Products is located in northern Saskatchewan with its Headquarters in Air Ronge. It is currently a division of Keewatin Community Development Corporation Inc. (KCDA), a regional non-profit economic and career development agency.

Boreal Heartland’s mission is to provide sustainably harvested, high quality, boreal herbs to the world market, with a focus on the wholesale and distribution levels. Our goal is to develop the non-timber forest products sector in northern Saskatchewan to the point where it is a major contributor to the regional economy.

    Boreal Heartland Tea 
    Fireweed & Mint Blend Tea

    A delicious blend of fermented fireweed and wild mint, hand picked in the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness. Caffeine free, it eases indigestion and coughs. The tea is high in vitamins A and C, and is good for the kidneys and male prostate.

    Relaxation Blend Tea

    Labrador Tea, Goldenrod, Nettle

    A delicious blend of Labrador tea, goldenrod, and nettle – perfect for a bedtime tea. All 3 plants in the blend have numerous health benefits, and will help relax you after a busy and stressful day. Caffeine free, the Relaxation Blend is hand-picked in the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness.




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