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D.A.M.N. Fine Foods - Spicy Fruit Spread Sizzlin' Strawberry (190 ml)


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Kick up the heat in the kitchen. Concoct delicious creations like fiery French toast, over-the-top hors d'oeuvres, tastier tofu with tangy marinade, and strawberry shortcake that spicily satisfies as never before. 

Strawberry spread enhanced with a careful selection of hot peppers to wake up the taste buds.

 *Medium Heat*

D.A.M.N. Fine Foods

After many years as hot food lovers and experimental gourmets, 4 family members Dave, Ann, Mark and Nadine finally caved to the urgings of friends, family, and business associates and formed D.A.M.N. Fine Foods (our initials get it…?) to share our unique food products with the world - well at least with Canada for now…


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