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Great Canadian Notebook - by Dennis Rimmer


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Where is the largest baseball bat in the country located? What is an ookpik? What’s the story on Hawkins Cheezies?

If you think you know Canada, you might want to grab a copy of The Great Canadian Notebook. The book delves into a plethora of Canadianisms, some of which will no doubt be new to you.

It is Dennis Rimmer’s first book. The longtime broadcaster and journalist is now retired and finally found the time to gather these pages. The book is a collection of stories from a ‘Canada Column’ he wrote for the Bellingham Herald over a 14 year period, along with a few extras.

Dennis Rimmer

Dennis Rimmer spent much of his working life in the broadcast industry, as an award-winning commercial copy writer, announcer, sports reporter and newsreader.  He grew up in Crescent Beach, B.C., finished high school in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, and obtained post-secondary educational credentials from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Whatcom Community College and Western Illinois University.


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