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Northern Vigor Berries - Organic Seabuckthorn Spread (190 mL)


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Great not only on toast, but awesome in caramelizing chicken! Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic seabuckthorn puree, water, lemon juice, pectin

If you love tangy flavors, you will love this unique addition of tropical! Seabuckthorn is eaten for the unique, tangy flavour, and great health benefits. Some people consider it to have a tropical or citrus flavour as well.

Our seabuckthorn berries are:

  • 100% Canadian grown
  • 100% Organic
  • Frozen to retain flavour and nutrients
Northern Vigor Berries

Northern Vigor Berries Inc. is a Saskatchewan based for profit corporation dedicated to providing the best of science and nature in creating end products that meet the consumer need for enhanced health, beauty and vitality for themselves and their pets. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality products by following them from the orchard, to production, to market. We are passionate about the goodness of seabuckthorn berries, and do our best to retain the full nutritional value of seabuckthorn in everything we market.



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