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Prairie Heart Maps - McPhee's Saskatchewan Map (36" x 66", laminated)

$70.00 CAD

I am an independent cartographer based in Val Marie, Saskatchewan. My job is to be accurate - but it's also more than that. In an industry dominated by tech giants, how can prairie people use maps to tell their own story?

Over 1,000 hours of data collection and drafting have gone into this impressive 36" x 66" product. The final result combines space-age precision with timeless craft.

In its first month on the market, more than one thousand copies have shipped to more than 200 different Saskatchewan communities!

Dozens of data layers show more than any other print map, including every grain elevator, every grid road, every Hutterite colony, every TLE parcel and reserve surrender...

Saskatchewan's majestic glacial landscapes aren't really all that flat. See them illuminated in dramatic 3-D by my own original relief-shading algorithm.

It's all about the details, and you'll find plenty in my work. Not commonly seen on other maps: Treaty boundaries, irrigation canals, airfields, the flooded Quill Lakes, community pastures... and even the province's mean centre of population (accurate to 2021).

Fall in love with the other half of the province. Digital generalization techniques weren't good enough to properly illustrate the complex Canadian Shield: every creek on the map is hand-drawn! Explore the great North with a comprehensive listing of mines, lodges, and lands.