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Saskatoon History Trivia Quest - by Robin and Arlene Karpan (Parkland Publishing)

$16.95 CAD

Take a look back at ‘Toon Town’s rich and colourful history, from humble beginnings as a tiny town of Temperance teetotallers to the Wonder City of the boom years where the excesses of boosterism were taken to dizzying heights.

With an easy reading quiz format, accompanied by over 100 photographs, the book tests your knowledge of Saskatoon’s early pioneer days, its meteoric rise to Canada’s fastest growing city, famous folks, political leaders, heritage sites, notable events, and great accomplishments. Most important is the fun side of history, with oddball events, curiosities, colourful characters, and just plain “cool stuff”.

Do you know what “first” in Canadian military history occurred in Saskatoon, which Saskatonian penned a book that sold over 20 million copies, or how many Nobel Prize winners have a Saskatoon connection. Which famous writer said that the University of Saskatchewan was “apparently half a century ahead of Cambridge in Science and of Oxford in common sense”?  Why did the Saskatoon Board of Trade plant bananas, tobacco and other tropical plants in its garden? How many songs can you name with Saskatoon in the title? With Saskatoon History Trivia Quest, you too can be a ‘Toon Town know-it-all.

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