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The Gnomes of Boundary Bog - by Aundrey Gartner (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)

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The Quire, a community of gnomes, has lived in the bog for thousands of years, quietly, secretly, hiding from humankind. A society of hunters and gatherers, the long-living gnomes live underground in harmony with nature but at its mercy. With a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of work, the Quire struggles to survive the harsh weather of northern Saskatchewan, hungry predators—and the ever-present danger of being seen by a human!

About the Author:

Free-spirited, with a bohemian soul and a ticklish mind, Audrey Gartner is an old lady who loves to sit on park benches and make up stories about the people who pass her by. Born in Saskatchewan, Audrey was formed by the erosion of snow blown in by the howling winter winds and the yawn of immense, impossibly bright-blue skies. As a kid, Audrey’s summers were spent riding tractor with her dad, singing songs she made up, dressing up, and practicing making faces in the mirror. Head back, twirling in the hot sun, wondering where the contrails go, Audrey spent the long, hot summer days of her youth telling fascinating stories to the farm dogs—so many stories they began to wish they were cats! If Audrey isn’t writing and making stuff up, you can almost always find her reading, cuddled-up with her four diminutive darling dogs: Olivia, Sofie, Twoboo, and Yvie. The Gnomes of Boundary Bog is her first children’s book.

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