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Three Foragers - Pure Comb Honey (340 g) - Seasonal


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This is honey straight from the hive: raw, pure, unprocessed. Bees make honey perfectly on their own, so why mess with it? All we do is harvest it and pack it right into this jar. Because you deserve honey the way bees eat it.

This honey comes from nectar foraged primarily from alfalfa flowers, with a hint of sweet clover and wildflowers. It is mild, light, and subtly sweet, with complex floral flavours.

Three Foragers Bee Co. 

Three Foragers Bee Co. is nestled among the fields and pastures north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are obsessed with foraging for the best possible honey and hive products that nature has to offer. Each and every jar of honey, block of wax, chunk of propolis and spoonful of pollen has been produced by our bees, allowing us to ensure quality at every step, from the beehive to your home.


Three Foragers Bee Co.

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