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Close - by Mercedes Montgomery (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)

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A polar bear in Jasper! No one would believe it, not even Angela, who loved to imagine snow shapes in the form of animals and storybook characters as she skied down the powdery slopes. At least not until a real polar bear pulled her out of a snow bank and began to talk!

Nanuq, the polar bear, had walked from the Arctic in search of a child, hoping for help to save the polar bear from the problems of global warming and environmental change. In a dream the polar bears were able to see the devastating future caused by the melting ice, and now they are searching for human assistance. Nanuq tells Angela his story, pleading for her and others to help.

In this delightful and imaginative story, the author brings to life the current problems of global warming in the Arctic and the inevitable plight of the polar bear. As her story continues, Angela becomes actively involved in the Arctic Wildlife Kids' Club, studying climate change in the Arctic. In university she continues with environmental studies, wildlife and marine biology, studying polar bears and whales. Then following her doctorate degree she heads to Churchill to become involved in an important research project. And she is determined to look for Nanuq everywhere!

Young readers will become thoroughly involved in Angela's adventures from the moment Nanuq asks her to meet him on the mountain.

Combining fact and fantasy, this timely writ-ten novel sends an important message. Interesting and pertinent information regarding the Arctic polar bear is included in this suspense-filled tale. The story is told in a positive, upbeat style, but nevertheless conveys an emotional sense of urgency. This book should prove to be an excellent starting point for discussion and a stimulus for projects concerning the environment and global warming. It is highly recommended for an elementary school library as well as for classroom studies.


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