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Bothwell Cheese

The tradition of Bothwell is a tradition of quality. We believe the highest quality and best tasting product comes from cheese made with 100% pure Canadian milk. This means there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or modified milk ingredients used in the production of our cheeses. Bothwell Cheese started in 1936 as a co-op of dairy farmers in New Bothwell, Manitoba. They were looking for a way to use up their extra milk. Even today you can taste the difference, because our cheese is still made with fresh, locally produced milk. 

Our Master Cheesemakers test every batch of cheese we craft and make intuitive decisions based on years of experience and tradition. Milk is the cornerstone of Bothwell Cheese. It all starts with fresh, 100% pure milk. No preservatives, artificial colours, fillers, antibiotics, or hormones

Real people stir, measure, weigh, package—and yes, cut—the cheese.

Bothwell is forging strong ties with our dairy community & our neighbours. We love the connected world we live in, but feel strongly about making cheese with fresh, local ingredients. For that reason, 98% of our ingredients come from within 100 km of where our cheese is crafted.

Bothwell's cheese plant produces 15,000 kg of cheese per day. We use state-of-the art machinery to create an age-old, natural product. There are no modified milk ingredients in our cheeses. Master Cheesemakers handcraft our products following traditional recipes and techniques.

There’s nothing boring about even our traditional cheeses. In the mood for something more than mild cheddar? There’s medium, old, extra old, light, marble, maple smoked, red wine and horseradish. And that's just cheddar.

Many dairy products produced and sold in Canada contain modified milk ingredients. Imported milk ingredients used in these products may contain antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones. The 100% Canadian Milk™ symbol was created in response to people like you who want to know the origin and contents of their food on the packaging.

Buying products that bear the 100% Canadian Milk™ symbol guarantees 100% Canadian milk ingredients, no antibiotics, no synthetic growth hormones, and a product that supports local dairy farmers and the economy.


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Bothwell - Cheese

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