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Nature's Farm

Our history in food manufacturing began in 1987 when we started as a “designer–egg” wholesaler. After a number of years of careful research, and with our experience in the egg industry, we founded Nature’s Farm™ in 1993 and introduced Nature’s Pasta™ – an upscale, gourmet product designed to set a new standard in taste, texture, and quality.

Located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, our family farm has fertile prairie acreage and a small poultry operation. Our all–natural pasta products – made with Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ – have met with enthusiastic response from professional chefs, food critics, and gourmet cooks. Nature’s Pasta™ has been featured at food shows by award–winning chefs, and today our products appear on the menus of some of the finest restaurants in Canada and the U.S. Our products are also used in loving homes as part of a healthy family diet.

We attribute our success at Nature’s Farm™ to a solid work ethic and stringent adherence to best practices – rooted in respect for old–world traditions, and our dedication to a healthy world and sustainable farming. As part of our commitment to ecological sustainability and stewardship, we have developed innovative packaging that minimizes environmental impact. This includes a 100% wood–pulp film pasta bag that can be put into your compost.

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