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Parenteau's Gourmet Foods

Parenteau’s Gourmet Foods is an Aboriginal, privately-owned Saskatchewan company founded by Rodney Parenteau and Colleen Parenteau in 1991.

The company produces a variety of high-end gourmet food products. Our fine line of products begins with a variety of flavoured fruit Belgian chocolates, including Saskatoon berry, blueberry, chokecherry and raspberry.

To complement the confection products we have a line of top quality jam products, which also includes a no-sugar-added option. These jams also include Saskatoon berry, blueberry and Prairie Berry jam. We also carry a line of Saskatoon and chokecherry wine jelly. Our no-sugar-added products are very popular and come in Saskatoon, blueberry and a combination of Saskatoon and raspberry jam-type spreads.

To savour these find products fully, we carry a line of tea products as well as no-sugar-added hot and cold cider products in a variety of fruit flavours. Our syrup products include both regular and no-sugar options and we now also carry a line of condiments.

More than 10 years ago, the company diversified into the beverage industry with the introduction of “champagne style” soft ciders. The line has expanded and these popular alcohol-free ciders contain only natural sugars.

Parenteau’s Gourmet Foods Inc. aims to win and keep business with all segments of the gift industry by providing high quality, value-added taste products that are representative of Saskatchewan and Canada.

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