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Pearson's Berry Farm

Founded in 1969 by Len and Joyce Pearson, Pearson’s Berry Farm is recognized as the first commercial orchard of Saskatoon Berries in the world. Len took pride in teaching other growers how to grow sustainable orchards on the prairies. There are now at least 300 Saskatoon berry orchards in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that benefited from his experience.

Len and Joyce sought out a special team who shared the same passion for agriculture, farming and customer satisfaction to continue Pearson’s legacy upon their retirement. Duane and Debbie Mertin fulfilled all these requirements and took over Pearson’s Berry Farm in 2004.

Saskatoon berries have been a natural Canadian treasure for decades. The Saskatoon berry is a member of the apple family and can also be found growing in the wild open woods, along stream banks and on dry slopes. The word “Saskatoon” originates from the Cree word mis-sask-quah-too-min, which means “carpet of flowers”. These berries were known to be essential to the Native peoples of Western Canada for various uses such as daily meals and medicinal purposes.

Pearson’s Berry Farm takes pride in being a family owned and operated farm. The farm received the “Working Farm Award” in the Rural Beautification Program in 2011.

About Us

In 1993 Duane and Debbie left the family farm and moved to Saskatoon. Wanting to do something other than farming, Duane and Debbie developed their own recipe for juice concentrates creating their own brand of Homestyle Ciders and Lemonades. Using the kids’ savings account, they purchased 1000 little brown jugs to fill with their apple cider concentrate, set up a booth in the mall and sold all 1000 jugs in just 2 weeks during the Christmas season.

In 1995 Gordo’s Foods went into receivership. These sauces were very well known in Western Canada, Duane and Debbie seized an opportunity to buy the trade name and formulas and some inventory.

Already knowing Len and Joyce from markets and shows, and now in their 70’s and ready to retire, they were looking for that perfect candidate to acquire their business and continue to operate it as they would. Deciding that Pearson’s Berry Farm would be a perfect match for their already existing product to create a successful business Duane and Debbie purchased the farm in 2004.

Although Pearson’s Berry Farm was well on its way to making its mark in the Farmer’s Markets. Duane and Debbie added their own products to the line-up. Homestyle ciders and lemonades along with Gordo’s sauces and spices didn’t take long to acquire its own reputation in the markets, tripling sales in the first season, and have continually been upgrading equipment for efficiency and increasing sales even through economic downturns.

Pearson’s Berry Farm is a full operating production facility located west of Bowden, Alberta. All our products are manufactured and baked fresh at our location where the bakers enjoy the sweet aromas of fresh baked pies, tarts and muffins each and every day throughout the entire year. Our doors are always open to the public to come in and visit our farm and purchase our delectables.

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