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Prairie Berries

Prairie Berries is the largest grower, processor and marketer of Saskatoon berries, hidden away in a small rural community called Keeler, 50 km northwest of Moose Jaw on Highway 42 West. Prairie Berries is operated by Ken and Sandy Purdy, 3rd generation farmers who want to make a difference in reducing our environmental footprint by taking what we grow and processing it into healthy, nutritional, gourmet products for consumers in the province of Saskatchewan. Over the years, we have expanded our business into an ingredient company specializing in Saskatoon berry products for functional food and nutraceutical companies. 

This expansion included larger facilities, more extensive orchards, more partnerships, and countless years of research to prove what we suspected about Saskatoon berries based on the rich history of aboriginal use of the berry for medicinal purposes. Our goal was to assess the relationship between significant levels of bioactive compounds in Saskatoon berries and their role in preventing and treating chronic human diseases. Next, we examined how to develop and diversify Saskatoon berries into high-value ingredient applications as a superfruit in beverages, smoothies, nutrition bars, energy drinks, cereals and dairy. 

Our quest to get the Saskatoon berries, bursting with diverse functionality and health benefits known worldwide in the superfruit category, has been a long haul. Yes, we even did the CBC Dragon's Den show to help with exposure. And yes, Arlene Dickenson believed in our cause, however, at the end of the day it was not to be. We are not quite there yet, but one day soon, you will see Saskatoon berries right alongside the acai, noni, goji and other exotic superfruits. 

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