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SaskMustard is the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission, a producer-funded levy organization that operates under the Agrifood Act to administer a mandatory, but refundable check-off of 0.5 percent of gross sales on all mustard produced in Saskatchewan. SaskMustard was created in 2004, originating from the Saskatchewan Mustard Growers Association.

The elected producer Board of Directors is responsible for administering the funds and allocating dollars towards research, market development, administration and extension related activities.


Investing in the future for mustard grower profitability.


Growing the mustard industry for the benefit of producers through research, communications and market development programs.


SaskMustard is funded by a levy on the sale of Saskatchewan produced mustard. Registered buyers, at the first point of sale, collect the check-off and remit those funds to SaskMustard. The amount collected equals 0.5 per cent of the gross sales, which will amount to approximately $350,000.00 per year.

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