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Sovereign Valley Farms

We are a family farm. We grow crops, raise dairy cows, chickens, and pigs. It’s all we have ever known, and all our parents have ever known. We’re teaching our children to do the same so they can provide for their generation.

As the world grows, the need for healthy, sustainable food also increases. It is for that reason that we not only enjoy, but believe it is our purpose to provide healthy, natural food.

We love to put smiles on our customer’s faces.

Some customers follow along with us through social media. We are honoured that they choose to share this part of their life with us and vice-versa. We’d love if you followed us on Facebook or Twitter. We post stories and photos about the farm, farm life, our animals, and product specials from time-to-time.

The Sovereign Colony was established in 1995 and is located about 12 miles east of Rosetown, SK. We strongly believe in our culture, lifestyle and language. As a result of covid-19, we saw a shortage of food on the shelves and saw it as an opportunity to help out. We started as a local supplier, but now are providing meats to people from all over the province.

We follow guidelines from CFIA Standards, the Sask Pork Development Board and Safety at Work Program. They are cared for in the most humane way possible, just like we would our dogs and cats.

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