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We are obsessed with foraging for the best possible honey and hive products that nature has to offer. Each and every jar of honey, block of wax, chunk of propolis and spoonful of pollen has been produced by our bees, allowing us to ensure quality at every step, from the beehive to your home.

Three Foragers Bee Co. is nestled among the fields and pastures north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our bees produce honey foraged from alfalfa, sweet clover, and wildflowers to make a premium honey for consumers who are conscious about the quality of their food and recognize the importance of eating wholesome, unprocessed, and healthful products.

Did you know that local honey is the most environmentally-friendly sweetener in the world? Compared to any other sweetener, including table sugar and corn syrup, honey uses a fraction of the energy costs associated with production, refining, and transportation.

  • Honey is a byproduct of crops or wildflowers - it requires no fertilizer, pesticides, or irrigation, and leaves almost no impact on the land. 
  • Raw honey has virtually no refining step - it is taken right out of the comb, minimally filtered, and then packaged. 
  • Finally, purchasing local honey means that transportation costs are very low. In Canada, 90% of sugar consumed is imported as raw cane sugar from countries in South and Central America. The further that food travels to get to the table, the more planes, ships, trucks, and trains are required to get it there, which increases pollution and the environmental impact of the product.

Our mission is to care for bees in the most sustainable manner that will allow honeybees to thrive in Canada.

Three Foragers Bee Co.

Three Foragers Bee Co

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