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Tu-Bees Foods Inc.

Tu-Bees Foods Inc. is a family owned business located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that packages gourmet honey products in squeezable laminate tubes. The tubes are BPA-free, shatter-proof and easy to use, while providing consumers with a convenient way to enjoy the great taste of honey.

Just like their unique packaging, this is a unique type of family owned business. Usually it is the parents that start the business and pass it down to the children; however this is not the case for Tu-Bees. This business is owned by two sisters, Nicole and Jessica Hein, and managed by their parent, Gaye Sheppard. Tu-Bees was founded in 2007 when Nicole was only 12 years old. With the help of her mother, and the assistance of her younger sister/business partner, Jessica, Tu-Bees has grown in flavour variations as well as market demographics.

The company produces an all-natural gourmet honey that is available in a variety of great tasting flavours. All of the flavourings are 100% natural as well as gluten free, nut free and dairy free. At Tu-Bees, we believe in providing our customers with a sweet taste of quality in every squeeze. 

Have you squeezed your honey today? 

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