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Benchmark Press

Benchmark Press is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Benchmark Public Relations. It was founded in 2006 to provide contract book publishing services to businesses and individuals. The company started after Benchmark Public Relations wrote and developed a number of corporate histories for organizations such as the Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association of Saskatchewan and the Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan. It had also provided research and writing for a variety of textbooks in the Canadian, American and British school systems. 

With this experience, the company's partners decided to embark upon a new adventure, Benchmark Press, to assist people and businesses to publish their books. In researching the marketplace, the partners realized that there were a limited number of options for people and businesses that wanted to tell their story. Traditionally, there have been a small number of printers who only provided printing services. 

With experience in publishing and a background in public relations, the partners felt that Benchmark Press could provide a complete array of publishing services ranging from editing and proofreading to marketing and retailing. This would enable authors to concentrate on the area they enjoyed most - writing. By providing an a la carte service, customers could pick and choose services they most required. 

Since its inception, Benchmark Press has published dozens of works and given a voice to new writers. Benchmark Press continues to expand its stable of writers and offers support as they undertake new book projects and initiatives.

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