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Why Buy Local?

Local Economy - When buying local, a good portion of the money spent remains within Saskatchewan, supporting other local businesses. Everything from accounting to maintenance.

Sustainability - Buying local gives you the knowledge that good farming practices were used; everyone is focused on a reduced carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly.

Jobs & Wages - Local businesses typically hire locally, creating more jobs within their community.

Added Character - Local businesses add a unique twist to our province, attracting more visitors to everyone's benefit.

Passion & Knowledge - Local business owners are passionate about what they do, as are their staff. Knowledge and education are a large par of their everyday customer service experience.

Tax Dollars Stay in SK. - Local business' tax dollars are reinvested back into the communities they serve.

Traceability - Buying local gives you the assurance that the items you have purchased were produced by reliable, responsible Saskatchewan farmers and artists known to the owner and staff.

Quality - Each local product you buy is from a respected farmer, tested by staff, with the further knowledge that these products have clean labels and are made in small, artisan batches.

SaskMade features products from the following Vendors:

2 Broke Gals Soup Company
 Angela's Own Homestyle Originals
Art Within Concrete
Aumack Haskap Ranch
Aunt Kathy's
Avena Foods
Bad Duck Caramel
Bardahl's Foods
Benchmark Press
Blueberries & Polar Bears
Bob Pitzel
Bothwell Cheese
Breasts of Friends
Canadian Prairie Bison
Chatty's Indian Spices
Cherry Berry Delights
Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory
Coteau Books
Coteau Hills Creamery
Cuckoo's Nest Press
D&J Images
Daniel Sanderson O'Shea
D.A.M.N. Fine Foods
Davenport's Tasty Sensations
Daybreak Mills
Debra Marshall Photography
Delloy Pasta
Diefenbaker Seed Processors Ltd.
DriverWorks Inc.
Droolin' Devil Fine Foods
Élite Pastured Poultry
Everyday Farms
Floating Gardens
The Garlic Box
Garlic Guru Foods
Glad's Chocolatier
Grandora Gardens
Gravelbourg Mustard
Harden & Huyse
Harvey Heshka
Hee-Haw Horseradish!
Infraready Products
J&J Sausage
Jakeman's Maple Products
JB's Spices
Joan's Beeswax Candles
Last Mountain Berry Farms
Leah Dorion
Lil Fire Cup
Linda Aksomitis
Linda Marie's Gourmet Toffee
M&M Garlic
MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
Margaret Neigel
Mind Your Mind Clothing
Miss Hélène’s
Monague Native Crafts
Muscle Bird Nutrition
Name Your Nuts
New School Arts Pottery
Night Oven Bakery
Northern Blossoms Honey
Northern Lights Foods
NorQuin (Northern Quinoa Corp)
Northern Vigor Berries
Northern Wild Fishery
Nunweiler's Flour Company
Olauson Food Products
Over the Hill Orchards
Parenteau's Gourmet Foods
Parkland Publishing
Patricia Wiebe Photography
Petrofka Bridge Orchard
Pitch Kitchen
Pine View Farms
Prairie Berries
Prairie Bluff Designs
Prairie Girls' Kitchen Linens
Prairie Infusions
Prairie Popcorn
Prairie Sun Orchards
Prairies North
Premala's Spicy Sensations
Random House Publishing
Riverfresh Wild BC Seafood
Riverbend Plantation
Road Coffee Co.
Rosedale Bison
Rusty's Wild Rice
Santa Fe Foods
SaskMade Marketplace
Schneider's Gourmet World
Scott Prokop Photography
Spring Creek Garden
Sue Hunchuk Glass
Sue Robertson Pottery
Sunshine Pottery
Sweet Pure Honey
Sweet Revenge
Taste of Okanagan
The Picnic Basket
Three Farmers
Three Foragers Bee Co.
Trail's End Bison
Trogi Foods
Tu-Bees Foods Inc.
University of Regina Press
University of Toronto Press
Valerie Ellis Photography
Wild Serendipity Foods
Wild West Steelhead Trout
Willow Creek Organic Grain Company
Your Nickel's Worth Publishing
Zee-Bee Honey
West Bridgeford Meats Ltd
Wildly Delicious
Zak Organics
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