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Elite Pastured Poultry

Élite Poultry, is based in Domrémy, SK (located 50km south of Prince Albert) in the gently rolling plains of central Saskatchewan. Their chickens and eggs contain no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no medicated feed additives.

About us

During her recovery from thyroid cancer at age 20, our daughter, Monique, had a lot of time to research commercial food production. What she discovered shocked her and she realized that chemically laden food was not contributing to optimal health. Monique decided to completely change her diet. During her research she had found information on raising pastured poultry. Monique loved the outdoors and wasn’t scared of hard work. She rented 10 acres of our farmland, built movable shelters and started raising pastured poultry on our farm in 2004. After 4 years of production, Monique married a Scotsmen and moved to Scotland. Way too far from her mother’s point of view but we have enjoyed a few visits to a country rich in history. My husband and I had been supporting Monique in this endeavor, so after her marriage we decided to keep the pastured poultry business.

Pasture raised

People have been raising poultry on pasture for centuries. In fact most domesticated poultry was raised outdoors until the 1950s when large confinement operations were begun.  Pastured Poultry relies on raising chickens directly on green pasture.  Élite Poultry‘s meat birds are never raised in barns over the winter as we believe that sunshine, fresh air and fresh grass are what make our chickens so nutritious and delicious.  By the end of summer, before the grass dies off, all of our meat birds are processed and in the freezers.

Natural Diet

This pastured production model allows the birds to receive a significant amount of pasture forage and insects as feed. This diet is supplemented with homemade feed milled from locally grown wheat & field peas, oyster shells and a vitamin/mineral blend.   Pastured poultry is raised the old fashioned way on fresh green pasture and wholesome grain.

Natural environment and behavior

The birds are kept on fresh pasture, which allows the birds to be raised in a cleaner, healthier, natural environment. The birds can forage for insects, take bust baths and enjoy the sunshine.  Shelters are provided for protection from the elements. Fenced pastures provide protection from predators.

Elite pastured poultry

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