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Everyday Farms

"Everyday Farms was formed by a group of 9 Saskatchewan Tart Cherry growers to produce local tart cherry products to share with Canadian consumers. These growers are located across the province form Kenaston to Meath Park, and from Melfort to Langham, and are proud to grow the Romance Series Tart Cherries developed in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan.

In 2011 they launched Aunt Mary's Pure Tart Cherry Juice, capturing the intense flavour of these local berries in glass bottles. This packaging allows Everyday Farms to produce the juice without additives like sugar, water and preservatives. Consumers are thrilled with the versatility of this juice - it can be consumed right form the bottle, and the intensity of the colour and flavour lend themselves to the opportunity to blend it with other juices to create healthful beverages. 

In 2013, individually frozen pitted cherries were introduced as the second product for the Everyday Farms line. These cherries are packaged in convenient resealable 700g pouches that give cooks the ability to use only as many as they need before returning the rest to the freezer.

Tart cherries are part of a healthy diet. Fruit adds great taste, as well as offering the benefits of vitamins and fiber. U of S Tart Cherries have been noted to be higher in antioxidant and ORAC values than other in season fruits in a 2013 study. Tart cherries add intensity and interest to a variety of meals - try some today!"
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