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Hee-Haw HorseRadish is small-batch / handmade in Victoria BC and comes in Damn Hot & Double Damn Hot varieties because we know HOT is what Real Horseradish Lovers CRAVE & DEMAND! Even our Damn Hot SeaHorseRadish Cocktail Sauce will singe your nose hairs. Hee-Haw DELIVERS on Heat, Taste and 100% Premium Quality! 

In the beginning...We started making Hee-Haw because we were fed up with big horseradish brands that promised to be hot but weren't. Every jar we tried it seemed was terrible. And this sentiment, it turned out, was echoed by friends. And friends of friends. And beyond. Once in a while we'd hit a good one in a restaurant or something but generally the search to bring a Great Tasting + HOT horseradish home was fruitless. It was as though it didn't exist. Not on any grocer's shelf. Not in any butcher's shop. So we decided to do something about it. And boy are we glad we did. Horseradish Lovers have responded in droves to Hee-Haw and now it's our quest to deliver our handmade awesomeness as far and wide as demand...well, demands! 

hee-haw horseradish

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