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Miss Hélène’s

Miss Hélène’s Sauces, Dressings & Delectables

With roots in small town Saskatchewan, Miss Hélène's is all about bringing unique, Saskatchewan made flavours to your table. We say Miss Hélène's is "food's best friend" because Miss Hélène's isn't just one product for just one use. It's your go-to item. Miss Hélène's products are fantastic on your meats, on your salads, in your rice or noodles, in marinades...  Our products enhance your food, highlight the flavours already present and delight you with new and interesting flavour combinations. 

The mother and daughter team of Helen Beaudry & Ferne Hebig started small making just 4 bottles at a time in their restaurant's kitchen for donations to local fundraising events, to making 12 bottles at a time for trade shows and to sell locally, to making dozens and dozens at a time to supply a few local/regional retailers. We're still growing and expanding production, adding new sauces to our line and new recipes to our website. We're very pleased to now be able to offer our popular, local and unique products on a much broader scale through the SaskMade Marketplace.

Based in the Model-T Inn & Restaurant, in the Village of Borden, SK, Miss Hélène's  creators Helen and Ferne, know there is always a need to continue to revise and re-vamp menu offerings. They continually experiment in the kitchen looking for the next great thing to add to the menu and potentially, the Miss Hélène's product line. When Helen and Ferne first came up with the idea for a new sauce, they decided they needed something not just unique, but something that also said Canadian. And because Hockey flavoured wings just weren't something they were prepared to make, they thought instead... what could be more Canadian than maple? After a number of hours experimenting in the kitchen, the two struck gold with the Black Maple sauce many have come to know and love today. Now Miss Hélène's  flagship sauce, the Black Maple sauce combines sweet and salty together with maple to create an amazing taste sensation. This one of a kind blend of soy sauce, sugar, maple flavouring and sweet chilli sauce combined with a few other choice ingredients is practically addicting. 

Over time Miss Hélène's  has added additional products to the product line including Buffalo Sauce that has just the right amount of heat and a creamy zip and zing that leave your tastebuds begging for more, and the new Kentucky Bourbon Sauce, made with authentic Jim Beam® Kentucky Bourbon, that will become your new favourite BBQ sauce in no time.

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