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Traditionally, our people had no borders separating tribes, as the land flowed across what is now considered different countries.

Monague Native Crafts is your one-stop-shop for unique handmade in Canada crafts and giftwares. Based in Mission, British Colombia, this company is 100% native owned and creates dream catchers, medicine wheels, spririt chimes and spirit feathers, semi-precious stone jewelry, specialty ornaments and hair accessories. Each of their items has an enchanting story to tell - stories that help spread messages of our Native Culture around the world.

Awarded with the “Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada” by the Governor General of Canada, Monague Native Crafts is “widely recognized for its significant contribution to compatriots, community and country.”

“We strive to promote community and family well-being by providing an arena of opportunity that encourages personal development, growth and pride."

Monague Native Crafts


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