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Muscle Bird Nutrition

Osticks were created because Clay always had a strong interest in bodybuilding. He tried to ensure that he had a proper diet; but was lacking a good, quick snack food that was tasty and convenient. The bars and shakes are great; however, something handy he could simply throw in a bag without worrying about melting or mixing was not available.

This led to creating an alternative on our own. A snack made of Ostrich meat was a good choice, as it is one of the most natural red meats available. Ostriches are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and the meat is very low in fat. Through trial and error we found a meat snack that was great! We realized that this was a product that many people would appreciate, so we took the idea to the University of Saskatchewan Food Centre for Research and Development. After trying prototypes they created for us, we chose one that was tasty and healthy enough that we would be proud to put our label on. We kept the product as natural as possible, with a high protein content yet low in carbohydrates and fat.

Muscle Bird Nutrition is proudly 100% owned and operated by Clay and Jodie Ogilvie and their three children.

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