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Northern Vigor Berries

Northern Vigor Berries Inc. is a Saskatchewan based for profit corporation dedicated to providing the best of science and nature in creating end products that meet the consumer need for enhanced health, beauty and vitality for themselves and their pets. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality products by following them from the orchard, to production, to market. We are passionate about the goodness of seabuckthorn berries, and do our best to retain the full nutritional value of seabuckthorn in everything we market.

Because of the high nutrient profile, in 1998, my Dad decided we would diversify our family farm by planting a seabuckthorn orchard. Organically certified through Ecocert, no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides have been used at any stage of plant growth.

My Mother would always be serving up some tea made with seabuckthorn leaves and my Dad would love to share his berries off the branch from our freezer with anyone who came to visit. He made a very large sign to stand in front of our orchard-- "Seabuckthorn-Vitamin C+". The gorgeous vibrant orange berries are unmistakable when passing by, and if any berries happen to be left on the trees in winter, they are a sight to behold against the white snow!

Our frozen berries first made their way into the restaurant industry. Chefs loved the tropical, tangy flavor that seabuckthorn berries offered to their traditional recipes. Since our first harvests, our offering has greatly expanded. Numerous products such as gelato, frozen berries and tea leaves can be found on retail shelves.

Our naturally grown seabuckthorn shrubs provide superior value added ingredients due to 190 bioactive components. The oil is the best single source known to man for vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and flavonoids. Oil is found in the skin, pulp and seed of the berry. Customers are appreciating the nutrient value they can easily incorporate into protein shakes, smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal by simply adding seabuckthorn berries!

We love all the consumer feedback that has indicated very positive results by using our products. I hope you will continue the story with us.

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