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Sunshine Pottery

Sunshine Pottery was born after a fledgling hobby potter discovered a passion for pottery. My nights were spent dreaming about what I would try to create and my days spent in the studio. Making pottery is a lengthy process in which many things can go wrong, but sometimes everything comes together just right to create something exceptional.

With no formal training, I was fortunate to move to Moose Jaw at the same time as a professional potter, Monica DeCampo. We became instant friends and she served as my teacher and mentor for over two years. I have taken part in several advanced clay workshops with Anita Rocamora, Ken Wilkinson, Zack Deitrich, Jim Etzkorn, Les Manning and Jeffrey Taylor. 

I really enjoy making things that are functional as well as decorative. There is nothing better than having a beautiful berry bowl filled with fruit displayed on a counter top or drinking tea out of your favourite teapot. I enjoy creating pieces that aren't common place in an ordinary store: stone ware wine goblets and carafes for all the wine lovers, French butter crocks and mushroom keepers for all the foodies, unique cooking and serving dishes for all the home entertainers. All my pottery is lead free, food safe, dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe.

I now have my own home studio in Moose Jaw where I enjoy being able to pop in and out to work or just check on things. I especially enjoy when someone challenges me to create something different. Lately I have been experimenting with new glazes/glaze combinations and different firing techniques, so my work is always evolving and changing. Pottery has become my passion!


 Sunshine Pottery


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Sunshine Pottery

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