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Nature's Apprentice : The Magic of the PEATLANDS by Elizabeth Bekolay (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)

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There’s a melody, if you pay heed, calling you to follow Nature’s lead— a familiar tune, a chorused creed, a song of both grown plant and seed. As the fluted magic on the wind floats by, you might find yourself only insect-high— or even too small to be seen by the eye! (But how else could you ride a dragonfly?) The Council of Beings has asked me to greet young readers who would like to meet nature’s apprentices. Their challenging feat is to strive to save the moss and peat.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Bekolay is a nature-based educator, naturalist, writer, and mother who spent her childhood roaming the forests and rivers of northern Saskatchewan. She is an advocate for the protection of intact ecosystems for the benefit of our physical, spiritual, and mental health, and the health of future generations. She now resides in the mixed grass prairie ecosystem of Treaty 6 territory. Jennifer Lynn Becker incorporates several levels of her life experience in her work, including a deep appreciation of our natural environment. Her observations and impressions of the world are rendered primarily in pastel, graphite, watercolour and ink. A large part of the purpose of Jennifer’s work is to highlight threatened species and ecosystems.cations.

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