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Next Stop – Chicago. The 5th Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventure - by Mary Harelkin Bishop (Driver Works)

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Description: Danny lives on the family farm homesteaded by his great-grandparents. When his Grade 6 teacher assigns a Canadian heritage project, Danny finds out about his great-grandmother’s journal. She tells of breaking the land, and building and living in a sod house. She also tells of how the First Nations people in the area helped her and how she helped them after the buffalo disappeared and food became scarce. At school, Danny has been able to avoid close contact with the troublesome Zach, until now. The more Danny digs into his family’s history, the more he realizes that his and Zach’s pasts are complicated and connected.  Illustrated by Heaven Starr. A companion novel to Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story.

SK Curriculum: Grades 6-9 – ELA, Social Studies

Awards/Honours: Honorable Mention, Young Adult, 2017 Hollywood Book Festival;
​Honourable Mention, Young Adult Fiction, 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.
ISBN 978-1-927570-32-6; 5.25″w x 7.5″h; 184 pages; cover art and 9 illustrations by Heaven Starr. ​© ​2016; Ages 10 and up; Children’s fiction; Reconciliation; Farming; Rural life; First Nations; Indigenous culture; Indigenous history; Co-operation; Education; Literacy; Learning resources; Saskatchewan author; Canadian.

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Responses from Readers:

  • “I am a richer person for having read this wonderful, modern yet historical, insightful, caring, educational, loving, and yet fun-to-read story.”
  • “This is a wonderful novel for students in Grades 5 to 8 to read but also very transformative for older students and adults.”​
  • “Teachers will read this and become better teachers. Kids will read it and become better friends. Parents will be better parents and neighbours will be better neighbours.”