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Pairings; Inspired Food, Inspiring Words: A Compendium of Beloved Recipes and Books from the Chefs of Nelson - (Sandhill Book Marketing)

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Foodie culture abounds in Nelson, British Columbia, with a full menu of choices from beloved lunch spots to haute cuisine. Just as we devour the tastes of Nelson, Nelson has an undeniable taste for books and reading. We love our feasts and our fictions, our literature and our libations.

Pairings: a compendium of beloved recipes from the chefs of Nelson and their beloved books is a marriage of tastes of the culinary and literary kind. Sample recipes for savouries and sweets hand-picked by 26 Nelson chefs, along with an inside peek at books they have loved in their lives. The restaurants where they cook are, of course, well known to Nelsonites. To celebrate Nelson's culture of entrepreneurship, the editors have also included two made-in-Nelson beverages: Oso Negro coffee and Nelson Brewing Company beer.

Read your way through the book list; cook your way through the recipes. Let your mouth water and your imagination soar. Every book purchased benefits the Nelson Public Library, where food for thought is the dish du jour. Bon Appetit!

The chef’s of Nelson are from or have trained all over the world including Japan, Bangkok, Lebanon, Greece, PEI, Edmonton, and the Okanagan to name a few locations

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