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Rave BBQ Rubs - Spices, Seasonings, & Rubs

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My name is Travis and man, I love to cook. I’m not a trained chef, nor have I ever wanted to be one. I have always just had a real passion for good, home cooked food. I established Rave BBQ Rubs in 2021 after covid hit. I was a gigging musician and lost my other passion, music because of it. For many years my family had encouraged me to open a restaurant of my own but owning a restaurant has never really been a dream of mine. Instead, I decided that I wanted bring my spice creations to the table for everyone to enjoy at home on their own grills.

I found that so many of the spices available in the stores were American based and full of, as we like to say, bullsh#t. So I wanted to change that. I wanted to take out the monosodium glutamate (MSG) as I know lots of people who react to it. I wanted to get away from all the artificial flavours, colours and chemicals that I found to be in many of the spices I had in my cupboard. Next was the salt content. I don’t know if it’s just me but so many of the other blends out there are way to damn salty. Don’t get me wrong, I love salt but I also like flavour. So i have reduced the salt content in half in comparison to many of our leading competitors. Giving you more flavour and more bang for your buck.

Rave BBQ Rubs


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